Pet Zone

Furnitures for pet

Buying furniture for pet can be a headache! A pet furniture that is durable and goes well with your home decor is hard to find, but you do not need to worry, HFD has solutions for all your pet woes. Now shop modern and polished furniture online for pet at best price that too without any hassle. Every pet is different and so is their furniture. For example, cats prefer to leave in a little box and tree house, whereas dogs love to rest in a wooden house and a comfortable bed.

Tips for choosing pet furniture

There are different furniture for cat, dog, rat and birds. While buying a pet furniture you should keep few factors in mind. The first is the fabric of the of a furniture which should be stain resistant. You can opt for Ultrasuede or microfiber. They are easy to clean and durable as well. Apart from this, ensure the color of the furniture is dark, since the stain and pet hair are quite visible on light fabric. For small pet buy pet stairs that will help your pups to climb hard-to-reach places. For takings your pet on holiday, pet carriers come handy.