Dining Room

Furniture for dining room

A dining room is an area where you eat meal and spend a quality time with your family. The space is usually near kitchen to add convenience while serving. This room has a dining table where the food is served and chairs to sit. The size of the table depends on how large the dining area is. It could be 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or more seaters, depending on the number of people that will be seated at one time. The area should be well lit and have storage cabinets in the harmony. At HFD you will find a variety of dining table, chairs, cabinets and other furniture for your dining room.

Dining room interior design ideas

Design your dining room aesthetically by utilising the space flawlessly. For a large dining room, you can buy 6-8-seater dining table. For a small room you can choose a dining table that can be easily folded or a round table that needs less space. Your furniture should be in a sync with the color of the room, it could be contemporary or traditional. It should have enough space to walk around and for storage furniture like cabinets, that can be used to store utensils and dishes.