Showers & Bathtubs

Bathtubs and Showers

Have you ever imagined your bathroom without a bathtub or a shower? Both are essentials of the bathroom individually. A shower unit saves the space, whereas, a bathtub adds luxuries look and comfort. In modern not-so-big-bathrooms both cannot be installed together. But if you are lucky to have a spacious bathroom you can fix both together. HFD has best quality bathtubs and showers that too at an amazing price

Bathtub or a shower for your bathroom?

If you have small bathroom than shower is the only option for you as it maximises the space and does not make your bathroom look congested. For relatively larger bathrooms freestanding tub is an ideal option. It utilises the space aesthetically. A jacuzzi bath tub is also a good option for people who love to spend quality time in the bathroom. If your bathroom is quite spacious a bath and shower combo with perfect faucet and bathroom vanity will speak volumes.